Business Innovation COVID19

CTR intends to reinforce its productive capacity, providing itself with new equipment that will allow the production of goods, namely Disinfectant Gel (Alcohol-Gel) and Surface Disinfectant, aimed at supporting the combat of COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of the society at large.

Project name | Business Innovation (Produtiva, COVID-19)

Project code | ALT20-03-02B8-FEDER-055312

Main objective | Strengthening research, technological development and Innovation

Intervention region | ALENTEJO

Beneficiary | CTR – Consultoria, Técnica e Representações, Lda

Date of approval | 19-05-2020

Start date | 04-04-2020

Completion date | 31-10-2020

Total eligible cost | € 476,286.74

European Union financial support | ERDF – € 381,029.39