Air Care

CTR Group has more than 25 years of know-how on the development and manufacture of Air Care products, offering a complete range of high-quality products in a variety of diffusion technologies and available features suitable for different living spaces.

Air fresheners can create special environments, rejuvenate and revitalize living spaces, minds, and senses and banish the whiff of even the most unpleasant smell.

These products may be also anti-bacterial because even the cleanest of homes can sometimes harbor a number of bacteria and odors.

Throughout the years CTR has developed solid partnerships with highly accredited fragrance houses that are constantly up to date with the latest market innovations and trends.

Fragrance formulations may be adjusted according to the technology, desired intensity, and product longevity.

Plug-in Air Fresheners
  • Electric diffusers for single liquid fragrance
  • Electric diffusers for multiple liquid fragrances
  • Electric diffusers for membrane technology
Passive Air Fresheners
  • Liquid wick diffuser
  • Membrane technology
  • Impregnated Mats
  • Scented Pearls
  • Scented Gel

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